Best US Cities to visit to celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of America’s most important holidays which is celebrated in memory of the armed force who lost their lives during their courteous service to the nation. However, today, this holiday entices people to escape to popular beachside destinations to spruce up the summer vibe. This celebration kicks in during the balmy summer months of May, and you can expect to find a festive feeling everywhere you visit. So, here are some of the best cities you can book your Memorial Day Flight Deals to celebrate Memorial Day.

Chicago, Illinois

One of the states bustling city, Chicago is a massive metropolis with tons of tourist attractions. You can expect to get star struck after seeing the large Cloud Gate sculpture. However, the city provides a variety of other best activities during Memorial Day. You can visit the Navy Pier and see the stunning summer fireworks. You can also head to the Millennium Park and groove to the Chicago House Music Festival which takes place around May 26. Usually, the streets from Lake Street to Van Buren Street receives heavy crowd, eager to cheer upon the arrival of the parade.

Lexington, Kentucky

This is a charming city filled with lots of scenic nature spots and beautiful culture. Coming here for any occasion is suited because it has several tourist attractions like the famous Kentucky Horse Park, and Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd’s House. These are just a few exciting histories filled places. On the day of the Memorial, the parade starts from the Lexington Police Station, and it traverses many important sites like World War II Veterans Memorial, All Soldiers Memorial and marches up to Battle Green. This place, Battle Green is the main venue for the Memorial Day Celebration to take place.

Los Angeles, California

The city of angles as it is famously known for is a stunner. You can’t help it but fall incredibly in love with this Californian city of Los Angeles. It has a bag filled with mind-blowing tourist attractions and some of the top-rated sites you’ve got to visit while vacationing here is the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Street, The Getty Center, and Santa Monica. During the festive month of Memorial Day, many events light up the streets of the city. Besides parading and honoring the brave heart soldiers, events like Fiesta Hermosa and concerts wins the heart of the people.

Nashville, Tennessee

What makes Nashville so popular is perhaps for their music scene and also because it has many universities and institutes. The city is shrouded by so many interesting attractions like the Music Square located at the downtown, an attractive replica of the Athens Parthenon, the Nashville Parthenon and many other worldly treasures. But if you are coming to this city to celebrate an important event for the states, then your stay may just get even better. You can visit the Tennessee State Capitol, pay respect at the WWII Memorial, and visit the War Memorial Building. The month also hosts various festive events.

Olympia, Washington

The capital city of the state of Washington, Olympia is thriving with a wide range of historical tourist attractions and scenic nature spots. The city which has several impressive government buildings also has many museums and farmers markets. You will definitely fall in love with this city which provides a political ambiance at the same time it offers many outdoor adventure opportunities. So if you are traveling to Olympia this holiday season for Memorial Day, make sure to also head to the great outdoors for some summer hiking and camping.

So where have you decided to travel to celebrate Memorial Day in the US? We know that there are much more lovely places, but this list contains some of the famous and some overlooked cities. Since the holiday is approaching, you can complete the airline ticket booking process and fly to any of the cities in the United States to celebrate America’s grand Memorial Day.

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